Brief History Of Hacking

January 15, 2015

Ever since computers were first connected through local intranets, there has been a long history of hackers attempting to cripple computer networks. Some may doubt the veracity of remaining secure online but these three stories detail how serious a threat can be:

1999 Melissa Virus

A simple virus in that it worked by affecting something as innocent-but-common as Microsoft Word documents. It attached itself to e-Mails and forwarded itself to the first 50 Outlook contacts. The damage was minimal but that was the virus’ purpose; to warn people how easily a virus could infiltrate your system.

2002 US Domain Name Attack
An attack on the thirteen most critical root servers for domain names in the United States.The DDoS attack lasted for little over an hour but the scale and magnitude on compromising the most crucial servers is a stark warning to what can happen; it had the potential to bring almost the entire internet to its knees.

2005-2007 Albert Gonzalez Financial Thefts
Over a period of two years Albert Gonzalez stole approximately 80-170 million card numbers from over 250 retailers, banks, financial institutions and insurance companies. Federal prosecutors estimate a cost of $200 million, this all coming whilst companies failed to notice their own data being siphoned.

We want to not only highlight the potential threats online but also demonstrate why our secure solutions are different; the erasure of message history means your discussions and transactions won’t be spotlit for theft or fencing.