WhatsApp In Italy Crisis? Security bug in WhatsApp and Telegram!

October 24, 2016

More problems have been thrown in the direction of WhatsApp, with reports from some quarters suggesting that spying on WhatsApp and Telegram “is a breeze”.

In an Italian article, Milan-based InTheCyber has claimed to have exposed a “bug” which allows WhatsApp and Telegram to be easily compromised and its security bypassed. WhatsApp directly uses its clients’ telephones and with over 32 million mobile phones in Italy, any vulnerability in the system is going to be a cause for great concern.

The details allege that with minimum expertise and no equipment one can access complete message history from both private chats and group chats. According to InTheCyber, WhatsApp have been made aware of these weaknesses in their application but the company allegedly has brushed off these complaints and said that responsibility lies with the telephone companies and not WhatsApp. As for Telegram, InTheCyber stated they have no response from them.

Through this hacking method, hackers can gain access to chats and delete them. In a qualitative sense, gaining access to the chats also means gaining access to any sensitive information or material contained within those chats such as discussing business deals, for example. The article finishes by stating that this year alone there have been 626 cyber attacks on critical Italian institutions. Gaining access to any top-ranking businessmen or civil servants’ WhatsApp could lead to disaster for these critical institutions as well as the general public.

For those of you reading this blog you can rest easy knowing that with Call.Me this sort of breach is not possible. With server-based systems having a long, long, long message history there is a great risk in leaving so much sensitive information available to potential cybercriminals. With our P2P-based system there is no such risk; each new chat session is a blank slate and when each session is done that chat, and your sensitive data, is gone.

Call.Me is always striving to give you a quality communication service in a secure environment with minimal risk.

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