WikiLeaks Exposes CIA Again

March 10, 2017

Link to story on The Economist

In an article on the Economist, the tension between the US government and WikiLeaks has reached new levels with another batch of leaks detailing unprecedented surveillance of private citizens.

The latest allegations involve not only the eavesdropping in the ongoing PRISM scandal first reported in 2013 but additionally that in the period between 2013-2016 the Central Intelligence Agency has been using backdoor hacks to access devices as diverse as internet routers, telephones and even smart TVs, using that secret access to turn these devices into spying tools.

The US intelligence community has been dealt another blow and with it, yet more opaqueness and even less transparency. WikiLeaks claims to have 9,000 documents covering the three year period and is something which must now be addressed by the new US administration; President Trump had declared during the election campaign that he “loved WikiLeaks” but now he must address a continuing problem caused by WikiLeaks which shows no signs of slowing down.

The online security concerns and the need for secure communication is as important now as it ever was.