Call.Me: The Revolution In Secure Messaging

Call.Me is an instant messenger and video/audio platform
with the utmost level of privacy, the best encryption and the tightest security tailored especially for you.





With Call.Me's vaporChat service messages disappear once the chat is over.
Our encryption protocols mean no-one can trace you whilst you are online and our peer-to-peer systems mean that there is no trace when you are done.

You can chat in private without anybody eavesdropping.

No history, no problem!



Audio and video calls

Keep in touch with friends and family around the world.
Our phone and video services offer unrivalled quality and instant feedback.

This world-class service is available on both web app and mobile.

Anywhere, Anytime

Share Anything

Use the web app to share your pictures, music and videos.

It's the fastest, the most secure file share today and remember, our encryption protocols are keeping you and your files totally secure.

Not only can you share files and data, you can use our screensharing function so you and your call partner can both see the exact same thing.



Encryption, Security & Communication

Call.Me is dedicated to bringing you the best messaging service, the highest quality audio and video calls, and the most secure file share.

It's the ultimate communication platform and we're doing it with the best encryption protocols and giving you the security you deserve. With our system, no-one traces your calls or archives your messages.

This is privacy for everyone.

How Call.Me Compares With Other Services

  Call.Me Whatsapp Viber Facebook Skype Snapchat
Disappearing messages
Video calls
Audio calls
Mobile direct P2P calls
P2P secure data protocol
Screen sharing
Web app - no installation
End-to-end encryption
2-factor authentication

Direct Communication

Call.Me uses peer-to-peer [person-to-person]
technology to bring you a safe and secure way of
calling your friends and family.

This means that there are no servers.
Cut out the middle man: talk directly!


Changing Online Communication

Our goal is to ensure that privacy is accessible for the many and not the few. We want a world where people can be trusted and are able to remain in touch across all corners of the globe, anywhere, anytime.
We are giving you that power. We want to preserve privacy and safeguard communication.

With Call.Me vaporChat your messages disappear.

Our encryption is end-to-end, from start to finish.



No History, No Problem

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