Welcome to Call.Me

We are setting the new standard for privacy online, empowering you to communicate freely.

You have a right to privacy. Social media and communication apps are storing your messages, photos and videos for life and making money by exploiting your private data. That’s creepy. Sometimes they even get hacked. Your photos and messages can be leaked and your life exposed on the internet.

At Call.Me, we believe that everyone should be able to communicate with their friends, family and colleagues in a simple and secure way without having their entire conversations saved in a server somewhere, forever, just waiting to be stolen.

Our mission is to provide an affordable tool for communication online that guarantees privacy for everyone. At Call.Me privacy is not just a promise, it is built into our technology. Using revolutionary Peer-to-Peer communication, we make ourselves technically unable to see the content of your communications. We will never collect or share any data about you and our only source of income is your subscription to Call.Me.
Call.Me is powered by SecurCom, a privacy focused company based in the EU and fully GDPR compliant.