Call.Me FAQ

On which platform is available? is available on Apple App Store, Android Play Store, and via our web app, which works on most web browsers (we recommend Chrome, Firefox and Opera).

Is Call.Me free? is not free, and that’s a good thing. By paying a small subscription of $1.99 per month, you allow us to maintain this app and its infrastructure without the need to serve you ads or exploit your personal data.

Does Call.Me track my activity or collect my data?
At Call.Me, privacy is built it the core of our product and technology. We have a strict no logs policy and do not collect any personal data, metadata or communication content. And as soon as a Peer-to-Peer communication is established, all your messages, calls and content are transferred to your contacts directly from device to device, without going through our servers.

What is Peer-to-Peer?
Peer-to-peer is a direct connection technology, that allows two devices, phones or computers to communicate and exchange messages directly with each other, without the need for a central server to act as a middleman. When you communicate via a peer-to-peer connection, there is literally no way for us or anyone else to see the content of your messages.

Are my messages also encrypted?
All your messages and audio/video calls are encrypted using [encryption type] encryption using advanced encryption key management policies preventing us (or anyone else) from having access to your content. This means that we are not able to decrypt or store your messages.

I cannot see the same message history on my computer and on my phone
Because we do not save your messages, we are unable to synchronize them between your devices, mobiles or computers. There is not technical way around it, but you should sleep better knowing that no one can read your conversations. You’re welcome.

I cannot see my contact list
Because was built with privacy in mind, your contact list is not synchronized between your devices by default. You need to enable contact synchronization in the app settings to see them on all your devices or add them manually on each device you use.

How can I connect to my friend via Peer-to-Peer?
When you send a message to someone who is also online, a peer-to-peer connection is automatically established and all messages are sent directly between your two devices, without transiting via our servers.If you are trying to send messages to someone who is currently offline, these messages will be encrypted and buffered until your contact comes online.

I am having trouble seeing my friend during a video call
If you are experiencing video problems during a video call you should first make sure of the following:
- That the webcam icon in a call is not disabled
- That the webcams of both partners are correctly plugged in and configured
- That you both have all up-to-date drivers for your visual equipment

Please also be aware that a video call requires more bandwidth than an audio call. You might need to close other applications and tabs if your internet connection is insufficient.

How can I change my password?
If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the following link to request a password reset:
You will receive an e-Mail from Call.Me with simple instructions to change your password and you will be able to log in.

How can I contact customer support?
If you have read our FAQs and still require further assistance, you can contact us via e-Mail here

Our support team will contact you as soon as possible.